MuddyPaw Coffee

Muddy Paw Coffee Growler Blend

A dark roast . Packs a dark caramelized bite

Coffee Heritage:

South America

South American Coffee

$15.95 / 12oz

Coffee Bag

Coffee Attributes:

  • class: 100% arabica
  • taste: carmelized, dark
  • flavor: rich, complex, very intense
  • acidity: middle
  • bitterness: low to middle
  • best in: dark roast lovers

Growler goes beyond a dark French Roast to an even darker Italian Roast. The roast process and varietal selection assure a full-bodied, rich dark roast without the spikiness associated with many commercial dark roast blends. This coffee has our most loyal following. If you are looking for a deep dark roast to keep you going, you will find it here.

French Roasted Coffee

Coffee Fundraiser

Buying this coffee you support SPCA/Humane Society of Prince George's County

  • Ground
  • Whole Bean


Coffee Gift Tin

Muddy Paw Coffee Growler Blend is also available in a gift tin (7 oz). Gift Tins have a built in frame to hold a 4x 6 photo of your faithful friends and are a great size to hold their treats!

SPECIAL GIFT!! Order 3 or more pounds or tins and receive a free "Muddy Paw" dog tag! We'll engrave it with the contact information you supply when you return the dog tag order form that will accompany your order.

$15.95/7 oz

  • Ground
  • Whole Bean

Wholesale and Fundraiser Orders are welcome.

Find Muddypawcoffee on:

Muddy Paw Coffee Company
801 Islington Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801
(603) 661-5828-mobile

Rescue Organizations

Our goal is to help orphaned animals. We support not for profit organizations who place pets in friendly homes. Find out more.

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Help Rescue a Pet

With Your help we can have real impact in helping rescue animals find loving owners and great homes. You can also show your support for our charity program by purchasing a t-shirt or a baseball cap. (10% of all non coffee sales are donated to Muddy Paw Charities)

Bailey and Fluffy - Derek's extended familyBailey and Fluffy (Derek's extended family) would like to thank you in advance for your support

Indy - Darren's extended familyIndy (Darren's Extended family) would also like to thank you caring for others like him.